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When you break it down, self defense is simply finding the best ways to fight off someone who is trying to attack you. No matter how secure your neighborhood is, it is wise to enroll you and your family in a self defense class so that you can be eductated on self defense. Throughout this article we will speak about what self defense is, different types of self defense, and how a self defense class can help you. Self defense is the best way to stay safe in the event of an attack. Self defense is a countermeasure that prepares one to protect themselves or their property from physical harm. In court, self defense is legally justified if the defendant rightfully saw themselves in a dangerous situation. In order to use the self defense justification in court, one must prove that they were in a position, against another person, that could have potentially led to serious injuries or death. Strategy, techiniques, and methods of training are the three parts of self defense. Your technique is important because it can sometimes lead to not having to use self defense, but rather, avoiding an attack all together. Training methods are the drills that are used to learn the techniques, and strategies show people when to use them. There are a number of different ways to teach self defense. Many instructors cover the marial arts, which typically teach self defense unarmed. The main goals of a martial arts self defense is to get confident, become aware, and learn different motor skills. Armed self defense classes are an option if you live in an area where weapons are allowed.

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Different things can be used for armed self defense such as household objects, pepper spray, and guns. It is against the law in some countries to use any weapon while using self defense. Another technique of self defense is de-escalation, which is using words to keep an attack from happening. This technique leans more toward how to use your voice and body language to convey that physical is not the best way to handle the situation. Another good way to stay safe is learning how to keep yourself out of harms way…aka avoidance. Having lessons with a qualified instructor is the best way to learn how to defend yourself. Self defense classes usually focus on unarmed self defense but may also teach people avoidance and conflict management techniques. One of the best things you can learn in a self defense class is how to keep you eyes and ears open when you are out and about.

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It is a good idea to bring your family along to self defense classes because it will teach everyone how to stay safe while you all have fun. No matter what your reasoning for taking a self defense class, you will never be sorry that you took one. Begin searching for a self defense class in your area and gain the confidence you need to defend yourself in a dangerous situation!

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