Water TLC

So that your family’s drinking water is safe, go ahead and make sure it is treated.

Every homeowner is concerned with how clean their water is. Water can still be full of unwanted substances after it’s already been filtered. It’s typical for cholrine and other substances to be in water that has already been cleaned.

Tell Tale Signs That It Needs To Be Treated

If you suspect that your water needs to be treated, contact the professionals first. Our priority at SaukPlains Plumbing and Pumps is to ensure that you have the cleanest water possible. Curious about the safety of your water? Go ahead and have us come test your water.

Possible Hazards to Your Family’s Water


Used primarily in fertilizers, nitrates often leech into water supplies. Consumed in large enough quantities, nitrates can lead to serious health problems. Death can be a risk for children less that 6 months old if they consume nitrates. Water treatment is often needed in agricultural areas such as those around Middleton WI, Cross Plains and Dane county. This is an important test for those using personal water wells.


Lead is a poisonous heavy metal often found in older homes. Old plumbing pipes can also have lead in them and it can leech into your home’s water. Leads causes development problems in children under six years of age. Because of this, it is necessary to test your water if you have an older home.


One way that facilities keep the water clean is by adding disinfectants to kill of bad bacteria. Sometimes though, not all of the disinfectant is taken out of the water. Typically, chlorine dioxide and other disinfectants similar in nature are used to ensure clean drinking water. In order to get the safest water for your family, let the professionals come test your water from any remaining contaminants.

Saukplains Plumbing Company

If you’re in the Middleton areas, the SaukPlains Plumbing Pros can give you the best water treatment so you can have the best water. Areas in Wisonsin that we happily offer our water cleaning and testing services are: Black Earth, Mount Horev, Cross Plains, Waunakee, and Verone, WI.

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