The Basics on Sump Pumps

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Spending your hard earned dollars on maintaining you sump pump may not be ideal, but it does ensure that you wan’t have to face water damage because of it…that can easily cost a lot more.

You wouldn’t think that water is able to harm your home, but when something goes wrong with your plumbing, there can be some serious damage done. Consider all of the damage that water could do to ALL of your home furnishings if your pump were to fail. The water damage can even sneak by you sometimes. It is common, when you’ve got undetected water in your home, for mildew and mold to begin to grow.

Why Sump Pumps Need Maintenance

You shouldn’t really need to do much to your sump pump since they are pretty low maintence. If your sump pump was working last season and has been reliable in general, there are only a couple of things for you to be aware of –

Dry motors can seize – Cold weather can prove to give homeowners problems because the pump is not able to move, and keep things loose…it is a pump afterall, it’s used to moving around a lot.

Gummy components can stick – At all times, at least some pieces if the pump will be submerged in water. When idle, parts get gummy as particles in the water settle. It is tougher on the motor and increases the chances of it seizing when started after a long period.

Sump Pump Failure Is Bad News In Waukesha WI

You don’t ever want to find out that your pump is broken when you really need it. Follow our advice below, to keep you pump running longer.

Sump Pump Maintenance Options

Using these guideline frequently (3-4 times annualy) will extend the life of your pump.

Prepare a vinegar solution and run it through your pump. This will to clean gummy deposits and particles that can settle and will not allow parts to dry. A homeowner can do this.

Check to be sure the float switch on the pump is not restricted. A restricted float switch will keep your sump pump from automatically engaging and can allow a flood to occur.

Clean vents and air holes will assist in keeping your pump running as it should.

Sump pump maintenance is relatively easy and can keep your home protected. Making this part of your regular home maintenance plan will save some money by either delaying the purchase of a replacement sump pump for years or by avoiding costly repairs…

Schoenwalder has all the info you could ever need on maintaining sump pumps.

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