Spring Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump Pumps

Spending your hard earned dollars on maintaining you sump pump may not be ideal, but it does ensure that you wan’t have to face water damage because of it…that can easily cost a lot more.

Water can cause harm to nearly every material and can reach it easily once in your home. Picture the scenario of your sump pump just stopping: it would ruin all of the work you put into your lovely home. On the flip side, you may not even realize there’s any water damage until way later. What you may face if this happens, is the growth of bacteria and mold…very bad to have in your home.

Why Sump Pumps Need Maintenance

You shouldn’t really need to do much to your sump pump since they are pretty low maintence. Not much to worry about if you haven’t had problems out of your pump in a while-just take a quick look to make sure that these couple things are not going on.

Dry motors can seize – Since pump are made to move on a regular basis, the moving parts can become stiff if they are not used during, what is considered, a dry winter.

Gummy components can stick – At all times, at least some pieces if the pump will be submerged in water. “Gumminess” is caused by little, tiny pieces in the water getting stuck on the pump, which causes some pieces to get kind of sticky. This resistance makes starting the pump difficult, and can make it tough to keep the pump going.

Sump Pump Failure Is Bad News In Waukesha WI

Whatever situation causes a sump pump to not do its job is bad news. The good news is that while all mechanical devices will fail at some point, there are things you can do to extend your sump pumps life.

Sump Pump Maintenance Options

These tips are great to use about four times a year.

Let a vinegar mixture sit and run through your pump. This will to clean gummy deposits and particles that can settle and will not allow parts to dry. A homeowner can do this.

Check to be sure the float switch on the pump is not restricted. A restricted float switch will keep your sump pump from automatically engaging and can allow a flood to occur.

Clean vents and air holes will assist in keeping your pump running as it should.

Sump pump maintenance is relatively easy and can keep your home protected. Making this part of your regular home maintenance plan will save some money by either delaying the purchase of a replacement sump pump for years or by avoiding costly repairs…

To learn more about sump pump maintenance contact Schoenwalder Plumbing.

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