Safely Store Your Decorations


Put your holiday decoration in self-storage to allow for more usable space in your home.

You can save your ornaments by putting them in a self-storage unit once the holidays are over.

Your decorations will thank you for sending them straight to a self-storage facility. A properly sized self-storage unit is a place where you can pack the decorations correctly so they can be protected, where there is plenty of room and proper shelving. Your self-storage of holiday decorations allows you to keep your favorite decorations like new.

It’s common for homeowners to not have enough space for their decorations. We feature many different types of self storage at A Storage in Sun Prairie, Madison, and DeForest. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced storage option, A is the place to go. Adding extra space to your house for storage is more costly than using a self-storage facility.

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If your belongings aren’t stored correctly, they can be ruined.

Your Decorations Can Still Be Kept Neat and Tidy in Self Storage

There won’t be any wasted space in your storage area if you have shelves. A shelf system can keep your decorations where they should be. There are certain tasks that you must accomplish when it’s time to store your items:

Label boxes for quick and easy reference next year

Use the largest boxes as the foundation – place them first

Place boxes with fragile decorations on top – always

Keep the most used & useful items in front for ease of access

It’s important to keep your area clean and neat. The less searching and jostling around you do, the better you holiday decorations will keep. With smaller self-storage units, store boxes along each wall to create a handy center path making it easy access what you need.

Store Your Holiday Decor in Self-Storage Units

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Decorations aren’t the only thing you can store in self-storage-you can also keep clothes or keepsakes in there too.

If you’re in Sun Prairie or surrounding areas, check out A Storage for all of your decorations. You will have so much more extra space to work with.

The possibilities for storage are endless at A Storage. Our storage facilities are easy to get to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona and Cottage Grove.

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