Pistol Carrying

Every day carry can open one’s eyes to a lot of things.

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Reflecting on my experiences carrying a gun daily for near a couple of decades, I figured out that I’ve learned a couple of things. Take a look below.

1. It is pretty common for the average passeryby to have no clue.

This fact is not necessarily bad. At first, you think that every single person you pass can see your firearm. After a couple of weeks, you begin to realize that people are far more immersed in their phones than your appearance.

2. How quickly anti-gun folks can change their views-at least temporarily.

3. A quality belt is so important.

By having a good belt, you are preventing your gun flopping around too much. Before you go searching for the right holster, make sure you’ve got the best quality belt you can get.

4. The necessity of a good holster

A good holster does three things:

In order to keep your gun secure, you need a good holster. The value of having your gun in a secure position is that you will know exactly where it is when you need to grab it.

A holster will protect the gun’s trigger, which is what you need if you are ever in a high stress situation. By having your gun in a holster, you are keeping the trigger protected until your hands are securely on the firearm.

You stay in charge of your gun When you are shopping for a holster, look for one that will keep your pistol in place while you go about your normal daily activities.

5. Be careful when you bend over

Several options for carrying pose the threat of accidental printing. Printing can easily happen if the gun grip is pressed against your clothing while you bend over. If you carry a gun daily, you quickly learn how to reach low things by bending your knees and keeping your back straight.

6. The number of people who also conceal carry

You begin to search for others who also carry when you first start to carry. A great exercise is to find those who are carrying, and determine what it was that told you they were carrying.

7. Guns are heavy.

Typically when you carry, we’re talking a loaded gun with some extra magazines just in case. All of that weight can make it pretty heavy to carry!

8. Heroism is overrated.

Prosecutors and the perps’ family members will try to take your money and freedom even if the shooting is completely justifiable.

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9. It’s hard to beat a traditional belt holster.

It doesn’t really matter if you like OWB or IWD holsters. The most secure and accesible way to carry is on the belt. It is definitely a hassle to conceal and it isn’t alway comfortable. You also may have to change the way you dress a little…but this is the most efficient and safe way to carry.

10. You don’t know anything.

You’ll realize that you have so much to learn no matter how long you carry. Having a firearm doesn’t make you safe. Your goal should be to learn something each day so that when it comes to a life or death situation, you can be ready.

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