Patio Makeover

When higher temperatures come, you will love having patio pavers. Wisconsinites want to start enjoying warmer temperatures as soon as they possibly can and patio pavers can pave the way to an awesome start to summer.

Now that patio pavers are commonly being arranged in autumn, our customers are taking advantage of their extra time in the coloder months to plan out what they would like for Spring. You don’t have to worry about a long wait when you begin the project ahead of time. The wait time for new patio pavers can be anywhere between one and four months, and sometimes more.

Installing Patio Pavers In Fall Is Healthier In Multiple Ways


Outdoor living changes dramatically if your patio pavers are installed in the fall.

The use of patio pavers made of stone can help other other parts of your yard. Landscaping such as planting shrubs, trees and perennials, tend to be stronger and more robust for the next growing season when planted in the fall. Plants become stronger at the base when the temperature drops.

Christmas Can Be Here Now When You Install New Patio Pavers

Several clients use their new patios all year round.

Waiting until Spring to complete your patio may leave you dissapointed. Since we have more free time in the Fall, Proscapes often offers good deals on paver installation.

Fall Project Ideas With Pavers

Outdoor Fireplaces, Living Rooms, and Kitchen

Pathways for walking


Decks for Swimming Pools

How To Select A Patio Pavers Contractor

It can be tricky to find the best paving contractor. With the project being at your home, it’s common for it to be hard to picture until it is complete. Contractor aren’t always as up front as they should be. Here are some tips to follow when deciding who to go with –

There should be a lenghthy waranty of 3 years or so on the paving projects. The warranty says that the foundation of good for laying down pavers. It is an area where corners can (and will) be cut. The shorter the warranty, the more likely the contractor is admitting they are cutting corners.

So that you patio does not shift, it is necessary that enough gravel be used.

Correct Compacting – part of the preparation needed is to have the base compacted thoroughly and uniformly. Without a solid base, settling will occur and cause uneven patio pavers. This is important so that a washout does not occur.

Drainage – improper drainage allows settling and most likely causes patio pavers to become uneven relatively quickly, with the problem growing much larger over time.

We can help you get the most out of your patio. Let us help you if you are located in McFarland, Cottage Grove, Middleton, and any surrounding areas.

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