Equal Pay in the Workforce

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission icame up with a system for employers to enter pay info in order to put an equal pay policy into effect. If approved, the new rule would go into effect in September 2017.

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The EEOC enforces the federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination, including pay discrimination. The number of employees of certain races, sex, and ethnicities has been recorded and sent to the EEOC for examination during the past 40 years or so. Annually, this info is sent in by the employers on a form called the EEO-1.It was suggested that the form also have wage data from all private employers, as well as federal contractors, with over one hundred workers.

Pay inequality often goes undetected because of a lack of information about what employees are paid. Employers often ignore or retaliate against employees who might suspect discriminatory pay practices and seek information about wages. In order to get rid of pay discrimination, the EEOC and the OFCCP will need to see the data for all different jobs in all different fields of work.

Also, it is thought that having this data recorded, will push the higher ups to see what their pay system really looks like. This way, they can get rid of any discrimination they may, uknowingly, be practicing.

The information is not publicly available. Instead, the EEOC would publish only aggregate pay data submitted by employers. This information will serve the purpose of assisting companies to determine whether their pay scale is fair or not.

The goal is for employers to rectify any unfair situations before it comes down to a legal matter. Investors and the public will be happy to know when the companies are compensating their workers fairly.

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