Ditch Your Outdated Basement

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Many people turn their basements into home offices.

Basements give families an opportunity to enlarge their total amount of living space. Homes with an extra living space are often worth more.

Steps To A Basement Remodel

Planning out what you want is the best way to get the results that you want. Whether you start from nothing or work on something that already exists, your basement can be remodeled.

Transform Your Basement With A Remodel

The first thing Madison WI homeowners need to evaluate is the potential – or existence – of water issues or dampness in the basement. Have you noticed any problems with plumbing? If you answered yes, have someone who specializes in these problems come take a look.

Begin Your Remodel Here

Basement Remodeling

Your basement remodel will be influenced by the unique aspects of your home. Think about these things

If yours is an older home, be sure the foundation is solid. Some prep work may be necessary if water is a problem. Many older homes have low ceilings that don’t allow for modern ceiling treatments or some types of lighting. Lower ceilings can dictate the type of existing duct work and can lead to re-routing to accommodate new additions during basement remodeling. Think about whether walls can be moved around or not. You should write down any specific request you have and give them to your contractor.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

This is Where Your Remodel Gets Exciting

You now get to pick out the decor and style of your basement. All of your choices will determine your final price and the look of your basement. Be conscious of all of this when diving into such a big project. Consider these aspects:

What can and can’t you change about your ceiling?

What floor type would you like? Have you researched the new types?

Can you move walls to the locations that you’d like?

What kind of lights do you want?Have you explored the lighting options?

Do you want more electrical outlets than you already have?

These are the last details that should be considered.

A new bedroom in the basement – a “legal” bedroom in the basement will need a proper egress window to meet code requirements

Soundproof insulation

Built-ins, bathroom, home gym, home office

Just by adding an egress window, the whole basement changes. Bedrooms, family living areas, and bathrooms can be in the basement with an egress window which increases the functional space of a home.

Use a Professional for your Remodel

Basement Remodeling

Increasing usable space in your Madison home is as easy as remodeling your basement. We, at Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, can assist you in any way you’d like.

If you’re in Madison, Wisconsin, call us at (608) 825-4500 so we can help.

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