Choosing a Daycare for Your Dog

Is doggy daycare on your mind? Wondering what you should look for when choosing the right daycare for your beloved pooch? Here are a few things to consider:

How Did You Feel Upon First Arriving?

You should not see a super messy and unorganized office when you walk in. The office space, along with the actual play and sleep area for the dogs should be well kept and airy. As far as outdoor areas, there should be clean water, a shaded area, and yard should be clean. What is the policy on touring the property? There are two schools of thought on this issue. Obviously, you want to check out the entire facility. You may need to set up a time to view the boarding center. Imagine how excited your dog gets when a visitor comes to your door. Now, imagine a dozen or more dogs getting excited every time someone comes to tour the facility where they are playing. So that there is no problems at the center, contact management before going in for a tour.

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Play Time and Down Time

An excess of playtime really requires some intermitent rest times during the day. Is there a good area designated for down time at the daycare you are considering? Is there a certain time for the pooches to relax? Pups can get grouchy just like kids do when they don’t get a nap. That’s why, even when they’re having a wonderful time, they still need to rest.


You want whoever is watching your pup to care for your dog just like you do. They need to be trained and loving in order to perform their job correctly. When you tour the facility, make note of how the dogs react to the staff members.Upon arrival, if the dog seems happy to see the employee, they are probably doing their job correctly.Staff needs to be able to find the minor issues that can turn into larger issues if they are not resolved quickly. Recongnizing stressful situations or an over tired dog is one of the top priorities for a good doggy daycare worker.

Are you happy with the number of staff members the facility has per dog?


Playgroups can be determined in a number of ways. If you are not satisfied with the way the playgroups are handled, ask if they would be willing to make changes to their policy.


There should be some sort of screening process for the dogs allowed into the daycare. Daycares screen for things like vaccination records, health history, and temperament. Screening is something you should expect of a daycare, as it can help ensure that your dog has the best, safest daycare experience possible.

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