Carrying Pistol

Every day carry can open one’s eyes to a lot of things.

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Reflecting on my experiences carrying a gun daily for near a couple of decades, I figured out that I’ve learned a couple of things. Read these facts below.

1. It is pretty common for the average passeryby to have no clue.

This fact is not necessarily bad. At first, you think that every single person you pass can see your firearm. You learn, after a while, that people are mostly focused on their priorities.

2. People who are usually very against guns can change their minds in a split second.

3. A quality belt is so important.

By having a good belt, you are preventing your gun flopping around too much. If you’re having trouble with a holster, make sure you’ve got a proper belt underneath.

4. The importance of a great holster

3 things that a holster can do:

A holster will hold your gun in a fixed position. It can be distracting to always have to check on your gun’s location. Having your gun in a proper holster will give you the peace of mind knowing that it will be exactly where you want it in the event that you need it.

It protects the trigger. By necessity, you may have to find and grip your gun quickly while under stress. In order to protect the trigger, the holster will offer you safety while you get a good handle on your pistol.

Your firearm is protected because you are in charge You want a holster that will keep your firearm secure even when you are moving.

5. Be careful when you bend over

Several options for carrying pose the threat of accidental printing. Typical belt style holsters can press the gun’s grip against you if you are leaning forward too far. Daily carry teaches you to bend in a different way to keep this from happening.

6. How many other people carry concealed.

You will find yourself trying to spot other carriers. A good way to learn what not to do is to take those people that you spot carrying, and remember to not make those mistakes.

7. Guns are heavy.

Typically when you carry, we’re talking a loaded gun with some extra magazines just in case. All of that weight can make it pretty heavy to carry!

8. Heroism is overrated.

Even after justifiable self-defense shootings, ambitious prosecutors or family members of the perpetrator can take your life savings-and freedom-in the post-event courtroom.

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9. It’s hard to beat a traditional belt holster.

Regardless of whether you prefer IWB or OWB holsters, on-the-belt carry is had to beat for gun security and quick accessibility. Is it a pain to conceal? Yes. Is it comfortable? Not necessarily. Another downfall is that you may need to change some clothing options, but you will not be let down by this carry method.

10. You don’t know anything.

You will always have things to learn when you start to carry a gun. Having a firearm doesn’t make you safe. When you carry a pistol, we are talking life and death here. You need to try to learn something new every day.

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