Basement Remodeling in Madison WI

Basement Remodeling

A very common remodel is turning a basement into an office.

In order to get more space, it can often be very prudent for homeowners to turn their basement into a new living space. By adding an extra living area to your home, you can add value to your house.

Map Out How You Will Redo Your Basement

To get the most from the basement remodeling project, concentrate on the planning stage. Remodels look different for everyone.

Everything Will be altered in a Full Remodel

Check out your basement to make sure you don’t have any problems that could complicate the project. Have you noticed any problems with plumbing? If you have had issues with this, it is best to take care of it before beginning a remodel.

Where To Start With Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Your end results will not be the same as other remodels because each home is unique. Here are a few to consider:

Your home, old or new, needs a sturdy base. Water problems may lead to you needing to do some work before you begin the remodel. There are some kinds of lighting that won’t work in older homes. It may be necessary to find new ways to install fixtures if there is a low ceiling. Think about whether walls can be moved around or not. Make a list to review with your professional basement remodeling contractor.

This is Where Your Remodel Gets Exciting

Now you get to decide the style of your remodel. Keep in mind that everything you choose will impact the final outcome of your basement, financially and physically. Be conscious of all of this when diving into such a big project. Below are all things to keep in mind:

What can and can’t you change about your ceiling?

What kind of material do you want on your floor?

What considerations do you have to have regarding your walls?

Lights – there are dozens of lighting options, have you reviewed what’s available and what can work in your location?

Do you need more outlets than are already present?

Do you have any of these things to think about?

If a bedroom is being put in the basement, there must be an egress window that meets all legal criteria.

Noise canceling insulation

Built-ins, bathroom, home gym, home office

Just by adding an egress window, the whole basement changes. Bedrooms, family living areas, and bathrooms can be in the basement with an egress window which increases the functional space of a home.

Go With a Basement Remodeling Pro

Madison WI

Whether you’ve lived in your Madison Wi home for many years or just moved in, basement remodeling represents one of the most efficient opportunities for home owners in Madison WI to expand and enhance their living area. If you’re looking to make changes, we can help you at Sims Exteriors and Remodeling.

Contact us by phone or email for any of your basement remodeling needs.

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